A Modern Software Company

We are a modern software company dedicated to providing individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses with all the tools required to grow their business, meet exposure goals, and maintain a professional presence through the use of technology.

We believe in providing a managed service and seek to maintain the often-complex side of technology for you, allowing you the time and freedom to focus on running your business efficiently with your goals in mind. We work with you to understand the specific needs of your project and provide a robust platform of products and services to holistically meet your needs. Whether you are looking for someone to maintain your existing services, or whether you are starting from scratch and trying to figure out the best path forwards, Archonix Tech has experts in-house ready to serve you.

Our Process

Our process starts with a 100% free project consultation with one of our engineers. During this consultation we discuss your current project's needs as well as review or develop any growth models or strategies that you have or need for your project. We then use this information to build a quote for a service profile tailored around your individual project's goals, ensuring that all your needs are met. During this consultation we answer any questions that you may have while providing expert advice on our recommended solutions to meet your needs. We then summarize this consultation with a quote for services.

We strongly believe that technology should be a great asset for small-to-medium sized businesses and individuals, rather than a complex burden which detracts from the management of your business and an opportunity for growth. To this end, our process is simple and puts a strong focus on ensuring that all your needs are met without compromise. This allows us to provide you with a stable and scalable foundation for web-based services that can truly support your business, now and into the future.

Hosted Solutions

Our hosted solutions division is a partner and provider with GoDaddy, the world's largest services platform provider. Through Archonix Tech Solutions, we provide our customers with hosted solutions offering unmatched stability, security, and support. Websites and web-based applications are not 100% digital and require a physical structure to house the software layer. Archonix Tech Solutions supports the physical backbone, providing the products and services required to host and maintain websites, applications, and web-based services. Whether you are a developer looking for server space or a client looking for us to take the wheel, you can rest assured knowing that Archonix Tech Solutions are backed by the world's leading services platform provider.

Archonix Tech Solutions maintains a public storefront providing easy access to the full range of hosted solutions we offer. Archonix Tech Solutions provides 24/7 technical support and 100% free migration support for clients looking to transfer their existing services from their current provider to our service umbrella. For clients looking to transfer their existing services to our Managed Services, Archonix Tech offers managed migrations!

For clients who utilize our Managed Services, Archonix Tech maintains your hosted solutions internally keeping you from ever having to manage the technical details of your project or supporting services!

Archonix Tech Solutions