Domain Names

A domain name is a unique text based address that your users can find your website at, such as "" In order to have a functional website, you must have at least one domain name. Picking the right domain name to fit your project or your brand can be challenging, which is why we have put together our guide to picking the right domain for your project.

Domain name research

To aid our clients in finding the right domain name, we have a domain search tool that can be found on our hosted solutions division website: Archonix Tech - Domain Search Tool.

When using our domain name search tool, you will see live results on domains that are available at the time of search as well as our price for your search domain. When purchasing a domain from Archonix Tech, be sure that you are logged in to your Archonix Tech account to ensure that your ownership of your new domain is covered within your account.

Archonix Tech Domain Search

Types of domains

There are many different types of domain names available. When considering the type of domain you want, you'll be looking at what's called the Top Level Domain (or "TLD" for short). The TLD is the part of your domain that follows the last dot in your domain name; for example: ".com" or ".net". TLDs are often called "extensions".

There are a number of common TLDs available as well as a number of vanity TLDs. Each TLD has a different requirement for registration ability. Where some require specific environments for use, others are fairly straight forward. For example, to use the .APP TLD, your website must have a SSL certificate whether your project requires one or not. To keep things simple, we recommend looking at the .COM TLD, as it's the most common (and most expected) by most users.

Choosing the right domain name

There are a number of considerations when picking a domain name. In this section we will cover our recommendations for picking a strong domain name.


Ideally, your domain name should be short and concise. This provides you a few benefits, namely your users will be able to remember your website's address much easier. It also ensures that when you market your brand on smaller media (such as business cards) you have ample room to clearly display your website's domain name.

Generally, we recommend targeting a domain name that is sixteen characters or less in length.


Most users will remember the name of your business, or what your logo looks like before they remember your domain name. Consider your branding when picking your domain name and target something that cleanly ties your business or projects brand into the name. Your ideal domain name should be relevant to your business/project and easily memorable. Creativity in this regard is not a bad thing, so long as your creativity in naming does not complicate the understanding of your brand.


Domain name cost is based on a number of factors covered in detail later in this article; however, your choice in domain name will directly contribute to the cost of your chosen name. For example, three letter acronyms are considered premium domains and therefore generally have an extreme initial cost.

Generally, the average cost of a domain name should be less than $20 per year for non-premium domains.


Domain name ownership is more akin to a lease than an outright purchase. For this reason, any domain name which is currently registered to another owner is ineligible for purchase.

Top Level Domain

Some TLDs are more expensive than others. This is especially true where vanity TLDs are concerned; for instance, the .STORE TLD is much more expensive than the same domain as a .COM TLD.

Current Value

Domain values can fluctuate based on value added by the domain's current owner. For example a domain like "" has a very high appraisal value because nearly everyone in the country knows that a reputable company with a storefront can be found at "" If Wal-Mart ever decided to sell "" or release their registration, the new owner could likely pay a small fortune for the name.


It is important to understand when picking your domain name, that all domain names are spelled using lower case letters. Even if you search for a domain using upper case letters, they will be converted to the lower case equivalent. For this reason the following domains: "", "" and "ARCHONIXTECH.COM" are the same domain name.

Domain name registration process

When purchasing a domain name, the purchase is more akin to a lease than traditional ownership. In order to register your domain name, an ICANN accredited domain name registrar must file your registration documents. Our hosted solution's division - Archonix Tech - handles all of the registrar documentation for you, making your registration process as simple as possible. During the term length of your domain name ownership, the registrar is responsible for ensuring that you maintain ownership over your domain.

Some registration services offer a domain backordering service which allows you to potentially register a domain name that is currently owned by someone else. This process involves waiting for the current owner's registration to end then registering your information during the current owner's lapse of registration.

For this reason we highly recommend enabling automatic renewal of your registration, as many people and companies have lost their domain for simply forgetting to renew the domain when the "lease" is up.

Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy is an optional add-on service which protects your registration information by the domain registrar. Without domain privacy, when you register a domain name, and the registrar files your registration with ICANN, your registration documentation is made publicly available by ICANN. With domain privacy, the registrar submits their own corporate information as the owner of the domain and internally ensures that your ownership of the domain is maintained. This keeps your information from being publicly available and spam to a minimum.

While generally considered unethical, many organizations and individuals will use public information found in domain registration records to send marketing and other material to domain owners, which is generally nothing short of spam. Sometimes malicious individuals will attempt to scam domain owners using information obtained from these public records.

For this reason we highly recommend all of our clients to elect for domain privacy when registering their new domains.

Can I have more than one domain?

There is no hard limit on the number of domains that you can own or the number of domains that you can tie to your website. Generally and in most cases, your website will have one singular primary domain; however, you may add other secondary domains to your website.

While there really is no downside to adding secondary domains, we do not recommend having more than four domains pointing at the same website. Having more than one domain pointing to the same website will not boost your SEO efforts on its own, nor will it cause search engines to send more user traffic to your website; however, depending on how your website is laid out and what you are doing with your brand marketing it could be beneficial to have more than one domain. Because this is really a case-dependent situation, we recommend you to call us and discuss your goals before purchasing additional domains.

How are prices determined?

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of any given domain name. In this section we will detail some of the major factors that determine the price, and how you can pick a name that keeps your domain name cost as low as possible.


The length of a domain name contributes greatly to its cost. Typically the shorter a domain name is, the more it will cost. This is especially the case of three-letter domain names, as it is globally assumed that any three-letter word is an acronym. Since acronyms are in high demand, the cost of an acronym based domain name is higher than the cost of a non-acronym domain name.

Previous Value

If the previous owner of a domain name added significant value to the domain name -- often recognized by tying the domain name to a highly successful or reputable business -- the value of the domain is increased significantly. This is because a number of people already know and visit the domain on a regular basis, which directly translates to a boost to the new owner's traffic generation efforts.

Well-known Names

Picking a domain name that is similar to or a clone of a well-known existing service can increase your domain name's value. For example, it's fairly common for people to miss the second "o" in "". By registering "", because of its similarity to "" (one of the most widely recognized domain names worldwide) you could expect to pay a small fortune for the domain value.

Premium Names

Premium domain names are domain names that are highly sought after and domain names that are highly qualified that investors often target for buying/selling from which to make a profit. Because these domain names are targeted in domain name trading, their values typically run higher than non-premium domain names.

Top Level Domain

The TLD (Top Level Domain) of a domain name can contribute greatly to the domain name's cost. Some TLDs are considered vanity TLDs (such as in the case of .STORE or .BANK) and therefore have a higher base cost.

Vanity TLDs also usually come with a higher list of requirements. The .BANK TLD for example requires registrants to provide robust security technologies and practices and are only available to verified members of the banking industry.

Domain Registration

To begin registering your new domain, search for your domain name using our domain search tool on Archonix Tech.

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