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Our Standard Website package was created to offer a holistic, functional, and flexible website package to our customers who are looking for a simple website for their project's needs, while keeping the associated cost of the website production process as low as possible!

Standard Websites package includes all of the necessary physical supporting products required to have a website, including your chosen Domain Name, website hosting and an SSL certificate. For customer who have an existing domain name, we include your domain name transfer instead!

As part of our Managed Services envelope, we handle all aspects of your project's configuration, development, deployment, setup, management, and maintenance; ensuring that you never have to interact with anything technical to have a professional and fully functional website for the duration of your service with us!

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Your domain name is the address of your website on the internet. The most common domain name type is .COM.

Domain Name


With lifetime management, we manage your products for you, for the duration of our services to you; freeing up your time to focus on building and growing your project!

Lifetime Management


This includes our production and design phases of your website's development.



This includes the development, configuration and deployment of your website's code; as well as the configuration of your supporting and optional products and domain name services.



SSL provides a layer of encryption to protect information sent between your website and it's users. This layer of security also validates your websites legitimacy to search engines.

SSL Certificate


Hosting refers to the physical server in the cloud/internet where your website's code resides.



Optional Services

Optional add-on providing professional, on-domain email service, with licensing to the Microsoft Office suite of productivity apps, such as: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and more!

Professional Email with Apps

Optional add-on providing SEO-Ready Content for up to 5 pages. SEO-Ready Content for additional pages is available on request.

SEO Ready Content

Optional add-on providing logo design services.

Logo Design

Optional add-on providing data + email migration services.


Migration Services are quoted on a case-by-case basis dependent entirely on your specific needs. By selecting migration services here, we will schedule a separate migration consultation with you to determine your specific project needs and provide you with an accurate quote.

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Optional add-on contributed by our partner company Archonix Law, providing new business consultations, filings, EIN Registration services and the provisioning of your operating agreement.

New Business Legal Services

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Optional Services Fee


 The cost of domain names can vary depending on a number of factors. The average cost of a .COM domain name is $17.99, if your chosen domain name cost differs from the average domain name cost, your final quote will reflect this difference.

 Migration services are quoted on a case-by-case basis dependent entirely on your needs. Without first consulting you on your specific needs, we cannot accurately quote Migration Services.

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Ask us about our annual payment plan. By switching to annual billing you can save $199.98 per year.

Providing Holistic Solutions

Graphics Design

We provide a comprehensive Graphics Design service for customers who need new or updated branding material for their project. Our branding team has over 20 years' experience in both the graphics design and printing industries, allowing us to ensure that your created branding media is ready for use immediately in digital and print media.

When providing Graphics Design with our Managed Services, we ensure that your new branding seamlessly integrates into your managed services portfolio, allowing your services portfolio to reflect your brand in all ways and increasing customer recognition of your brand.


We provide optional, tiered, full spectrum Search Engine Optimization services geared to provide you with the highest quality of service at an affordable price. By using our SEO services, your website's exposure to your leads via search engine results can be greatly improved, allowing you a significantly higher opportunity to capture and retain a greater percentage of your target demographic.

Some providers utilize networks of bots and automated systems to generate false clicks in an effort to trick search engines and create data that looks good in statistical reports only. Our white-hat SEO services put a strong focus on quality by ensuring that all results delivered correlate to real leads and potential customers, without utilizing questionable methods.

Printed Material

Through our partnership with Westmoreland Printers, Inc., a local print shop, we are able to offer our customers an exclusive discount on their first order of anything Ink On Paper.

Westmoreland Printers has been the local go-to print shop for over 20 years, and specializes in producing high-quality print material. When we provide our services, we work with Westmoreland Printers on your behalf; to ensure that your project's new branding material integrates perfectly into your services portfolio with us!

Be sure to let us know if you need any printed material for your project, and Westmoreland Printers will Put Print To Work™ for you!

Business Class Email

We provide licensing to Business-Class, on-domain email powered by Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange is the gold-standard email solution for businesses of any size and kind, providing un-matched performance, security, spam filtering, and configurability; or for anyone who needs more from their cloud-based solutions.

When providing business-class email with our Managed Services, we handle 100% of the configuration of your on-domain email service, user configuration, and IT administration within your Office 365 environment; for the lifetime of your Managed Services. For any employees needing email access, we work with you to setup any devices (phones, computers, etc.) with the correct email access.

Productivity Apps

We provide licensing to Business Productivity Applications powered by Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 is the newest evolution in the Microsoft Office suite of apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, etc.) providing a versatile cloud-based solution to support your business. Our Business Apps licensing tiers afford you the ability to have access to the full range of Office 365 apps in their online versions (accessible via your web browser), or optional traditional access via the installed suite of apps on your computer and mobile devices.

When providing Business Apps with our Managed Services, we handle 100% of the setup and configuration of your Office 365 environment including user configuration, IT administration as well as ensuring that you and your team have correct access on your dedicated computers and mobile devices. We continue to provide administration over your Office 365 environment for the lifetime of your Managed Services with us.

Data & Email Migration

For new clients who already have an existing website or business support services, who, want to move to our managed services platform; we offer our Migration Services. By having us migrate your email and data from your existing platforms to our service portfolio, we ensure that all of your project's valuable data is moved state-for-state to your new platforms, without any loss in existing data and/or email.

For all migrations, we work with you to understand your current services in-depth and form a full migration plan fit to your speficic business. As we begin your migration, we guide you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless transition for you, your employees, and your customers.

SEO-Ready Content Writing

We provide an optional SEO-Ready Content service to customers who wish for us to write the textual content of their website. Our SEO-Ready Content Writing service provides all of the textual content for your website, ensuring that all content is well written and conforms to high quality standards in both readability and SEO best-practices.

When we provide SEO-Ready Content for your website, we also provide you with matching content blocks to support your project's search engine profiles, ensuring that your project's website is marketing and search engine ready from the moment we finish your website's development process!

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