Quality Solutions

To Ensure Your Success

We offer our customers a comprehensive logo design process that sets your project up for success! We strive to provide our customers the opertunity to have the best possible branding to meet their envisionment of their project! Our branding team has over 20 years' experience in both graphics design and printing industries, enabling us to ensure that your rendered logo is not only of the highest quality, but ready for any media format you choose to use it on; be it in printed formats, digital formats, or even screen-printed merchandise!

We start our process taking any input you have: any similar, existing logos that you like, your thoughts and ideas, your motivations, and even your project's target demographics; to create three seperate graphic concepts. We then work with you to refine your chosen concept graphic into the final logo, making adjustments as necessary.

Once we have reached your finalized logo, we provide you with final renders of your logo media in vector (EPS, PDF) and raster (JPEG, PNG) formats. This ensures that you have a full, media-ready graphics package at all times! We also retain a copy of your finalized media, ensuring you can always request your graphics package if you ever need a spare copy!

Providing Holistic Solutions

Seamlessly Meeting Your Needs

Through our partnership with Westmoreland Printers, Inc., a local print shop, we are able to offer our customers an exclusive discount on their first order of anything Ink On Paper.

Westmoreland Printers has been the local go-to print shop for over 20 years, and specializes in producing high-quality print material. When we provide our services, we work with Westmoreland Printers on your behalf; to ensure that your project's new branding material integrates perfectly into your services portfolio with us!

Be sure to let us know if you need any printed material for your project, and Westmoreland Printers will Put Print To Work™ for you!