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For customers who have existing services with another provider, who wish to move to services provided by us; your previous services may contain data and/or email specific to your business or project. For our services to holistically meet your needs, your existing data/email will need to be correctly moved from your previous provider to our services envelope. This process is called migration.

The complexity of your migration depends on a number of factors, namely, where your services are currently hosted, how many users have data/email in your current services and how many different services you currently use. When providing migration services to our clients, we take the time to deeply understand your current services portfolio and create a migration plan while working with you to ensure that we do not miss a single byte. We then follow this migration plan as we guide you and every member of your organization through the migration process.

Each migration scenario can be vastly different, very complex, and to be effective must be preformed correctly. To allevaite the burdens to you or your IT staff, we offer our migration services allowing you to have a seamless transition to our services portfolio while retaining all email and data owned by your company or organization.

Do I need a migration?

If you have an existing data storage or email solution and want to move your services to us; then you will need a migration of some kind to correctly migrate your email & data to our services envelope. If you are interested in the specific parameters of what your migration might entail, please contact us, and let us provide you with a free consultation!

Will there be a service outage during the migration of my organization's data?

Whether a service outage will occur depends on how your current services are configured, and how we are configuring your new services through us. We get it, no one wants their services to go down; for this reason, if a service outage is unavoidable during a migration, we preform the outage related steps during off-peak hours - typically between 9pm and 8am where the following day is a non-business day.

After we create your migration plan, if we foresee any service outages, we will work with you to establish the best off-peak window to preform these steps, ensuring that the outage is not disruptive to your organization. We will also provide you with our best estimate for down time once our migration plan is complete.

Will my company be able to use our services while you migrate our data and email?

In most cases, you will be able to continue using your services while we preform the migration process. One of the steps in preforming a proper migration is transitioning all users within an organization to the new systems. We ensure that your new systems are fully configured and ready for use, before transitioning you and your employees to the new systems. During the data + email migration process, we ensure that you retain access to your previous systems, in case you need any data contained within them that has not yet been picked up by the migration process.

How long will my migration take?

The length of time required for a migration depends on a number of factors, namely: the number of users being migrated, the number of data/email sources, and the amount of data/email contained in each source.

When you contact us requesting a migration, we consult with you to understand the specific needs for your organization, and the specific needs of your migration. We use this consultation to create a migration plan to guide us through your migration, ensuring that we do not miss a single byte of data. Once we have a migration plan for your project, we can better advise you on the estimated time requirements for your migration process.

What type of involvement do you need from me, to migrate my services?

We will work with you following your migration consultation in creating our migration plan, to ensure that all steps which need to be completed are completed in a timely manner consistent with your organization's operations.

Before we start your migration, we will brief you on what exactly to expect in our initial steps, and as we complete your migration, we will continue to advise you on what to expect from your services. During this time, we will advise you on topics to distribute to each member of your organization. This ensures that no users within your network are working against us as we preform your migration process and allows us to ensure that your migration is completed correctly. We will need you to work with us to distribute information to your team as we progress through your migration.

When your migration is complete, we will need you to help us contact members of your organization and ensure that their new systems are connected and functioning as expected. This allows us to verify that your migration is completed successfully. We will also brief you on post-migration best practices, and work with you to ensure that the transition for all users within your organization to the new systems is seamless and successful.

What access/credentials do you need to migrate my services?

In order to migrate your current services to your new services with us, we will need administrative access to all services. We do not ever ask for anyone to share passwords with us. Depending on which services you currently have, we will work with you to establish the access that we need to prepare your systems for migration and preform the migration process.

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